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School Leadership Coaching
offers the best in professional development for educators interested in enhancing their leadership performance Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, School Leadership Coaching offers premier professional development services for all education leaders from the classroom to the district office.

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Meet Evelyn Cortez-Ford
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While coaching is my primary job at School Leadership Coaching, I enjoy working with educators at their site. Speaking and facilitating workshops allows me to "get back to school" and interact personally with teachers and administrators alike.

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Welcome to
School Leadership Coaching!
tapping the leadership potential in ALL educators!

Imagine what it would mean to student learning if educators participated in job-embedded, context-specific, fully customized professional development opportunities.

Teacher leaders, have you benefited from quality leadership development? What difference would it make to your leadership performance if you had a professional coach collaborating with you to enhance your leadership skills?

If you are a teacher leader coaching can help you !

Principals and district administrators, what difference would it make to student learning if you had a community of leaders in your school and district? How would a "thinking partner" help you create the conditions for shared leadership?

If you are a principal or district administrator coaching can help you !

School Leadership Teams and other teams, would you like to move to the next level of performance? What changes could you make if you had a catalyst to inspire and support you into effective action?

If you are a member of a team coaching can help you !


What is coaching?

Why does coaching work?


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It can be difficult to understand the transformational effects of coaching unless you experience it personally. You're invited to participate in a free, no obligation coaching opportunity. Let's see what coaching can do for you!

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