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Free Coaching Session

It can be difficult to understand the transformational effects of coaching unless you experience it personally. You’re invited to participate in a free, no obligation coaching opportunity. Let’s see what coaching can do for you!

How can coaching help you?

If you are a teacher leader coaching can help you

Improve your leadership skills
Increase your ability to act on your leadership strengths
Make meaningful connections between teaching and leading
Balance time more effectively
Gain credibility with peers and administrators
Overcome obstacles inherent in leading other teachers
Improve interpersonal relationships with peers and administrators

If you are a principal or district administrator coaching can help you

Strengthen leadership potential in others
Increase knowledge about shared leadership
Implement leadership development opportunities for teacher leaders
Overcome personal and organizational obstacles to shared leadership
Develop strategies to replace teacher isolation with teacher collaboration
Create a new vision of leadership in school or district

If you are a member of a team coaching can help you

Increase team’s ability to focus on student learning
Enhance each member’s leadership performance
Develop team’s ability to respond to and effectively initiate change
Create personal and collective ownership for school and district success
Establish logical accountability systems
Increase the team’s knowledge of the school improvement process

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Who benefits most from coaching?

What is the role of a coach? What is the role of a client?

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